The mission of the Aurora Weightlifting Club is to provide a training environment where athletes will develop character, grow emotionally, and advance physically while striving to qualify and compete in national Olympic weightlifting championships.

Kraus Athletic Development uses the Olympic lifts as one of many ways to develop overall power. Past experince has shown that after training the two Olympic lifts (snatch and clean & jerk), athletes actually become proficient enough to test their skills in competition. The AURORA WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB will provide athletes interested in competitive weightlifting the opportunity to train and participate in local, state, and national competitions.


The AURORA WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB is a chartered weightlifting club with USA Weightlifting (the only governing body of Olympic Weightlifting in the US). Athletes are covered by basic insurance in the case of injury.


KAD athletes are subject to random drug tests conducted by the United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) in national competitions. The drug testing is conducted by USA Weightlifting according to its rules. All KAD athletes competing in such competitions will be educated on the list of drugs, performance enhancing and otherwise, banned by USADA. Any athletes testing positive for performance enhancing drugs or other drugs listed as banned by USADA, will be removed from the AURORA WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB.


In the case of Schoolage children (Under 17 years old) participating in strength training and weightlfting competition, KAD uses the guidelines set forth by National Strength and Conditioning Association (see pdf below).