Kraus Athletic Development Inc.

Kraus Athletic Development is a small athletic development business started in April of 2014 that helps athletes meet and exceed their athletic goals. The prices for training are fair yet we maintain the knowledge and resources to prepare athletes for increased athletic performance at any level. At Kraus Athletic Development, we customize programs to fit athletic goals, track progress to determine if the goals are being met, conduct safe - yet intense - training sessions that focus on long-term results, and offer competitive Olympic weightlifting competition opportunities. We also have an intricate referral network that links KAD clients to medical and wellness practitioners at absolutely no charge and no commitment. Note - information is never shared with other vendors. All KAD records are completely confidential, and referral information is provided directly to the client to use at their discretion.


I realize there are many athletic development companies and trainers out there who offer the same services. I will not belittle any of my competition…there are some excellent trainers in the area who do fantastic work. I do suggest thoroughly conducting the necessary research and meeting all potential trainers/coaches personally to determine what athletic development business best fits you or your child's needs.


Please take some time to navigate through our site. If there are unanswered questions, please contact me. I look forward to meeting you.


Thomas Kraus - President