MOVING FORWARD - THE NEW least for now.


It will not be this bad forever, and many KAD/AWC members have found ways to adapt. One of the biggest changes is the ability to train at home in some way. If you are one of the fortunate people who has home training capability, keep training! Let Kraus Athletic Development help you improve moving into the summer and beyond. 


Kraus Athletic Development / AWC is adapting to the Covid - 19 challenge by continuing to train athletes remotely all over the country. Through various methods (ZOOM, email, texts, TrainHeroic, video explanations, etc...), KAD/AWC is offering ways to continue training away from the gym. 

Give us a try. There are no sign up fees and no contracts. There is only a monthly $25 flat fee...that's it. If you are interested or want to get more information, email If you are comfortable, leave your phone number for a follow up call.

Thank you.

Thomas A. Kraus.


Head Coach Thomas Kraus MS, MA, RSCC*D, CSCS, FMS Level 1, USAW National Coach

The Aurora Weightlifting Club (AWC) has been in existence since 1998 and has produced many outstanding athletes. Through Olympic Weightlifting training and competition, male and female athletes learn how to train, periodize, set goals, and compete. The overall athletic development through Olympic Weightlifting training carries over into all sports that require power.


The focus of the AWC is to produce Olympic weightlifters who are part of an Olympic Weightlifting team, and athletes will be coached with that goal in mind. Of course, athletes will not be forced to compete but the training will remain consistent with the athletes who are competitive.


Finally, THE AWC PROMOTES MULTIPLE SPORT ATHLETES. Whereas we want to build the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, we also want our athletes to be well rounded and injury free.


If Olympic Weightlifting interests you, please reach out

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